👋 Hi. I'm Bret, the founder of TrekWeather.

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Why TrekWeather?

I spend quite a bit of time outdoors, enjoying the trails, mountains, and ski areas of Colorado. From day hikes and trail runs to longer backpacking trips, snow climbs, and winter camping, I love everything the mountains have to offer.

Mountain weather, however, can make an enjoyable adventure not so fun when you're unprepared (I have experienced this firsthand more times than I would like to admit). The idea for TrekWeather came from finding it difficult to pinpoint a weather forecast for specific areas along our routes and at different elevations.

I found the resources that have this information today to be clunky to use, especially on my phone while driving to a trailhead. Other popular weather websites and apps just didne't have the detail I needed as most forecasts were for the towns closest to my destination; towns whose weather can be extremely different from the weather in the mountains.

So with this in mind, I am building TrekWeather. My aim is to be your reliable weather source when you are preparing for your next outdoor adventure. I am doing this by offering a modern, simplistic website where you can search for specific trails, mountains, and ski areas to get a detailed and pinpointed weather forecast.

How does it work?

Step 1 trails, peaks, campgrounds, and moreStep 2Once found, use the Full Screen Map button to obtain pinpointed weather forecasts along your route!

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